Fly fishing

Fly-in fishing or Fly fishing is a method that is called ‘fly', it uses a fly rod, specialized weighted line, and reel. Casting a lure or a fly that is weightless requires the significant casting techniques that are different from other forms of casting. Fly fishermen use flies that resemble natural insects and worms, which are hand tied, and other food organisms, and lures that provoke the fish to bite it. The fishing lure is either connected with a small device that resembles safety pin, called ‘swivel' or tied with a knot such as improved clinch knot and connected to the reel through the arbor. And the reel is attached to the rod. By winding line or by sweeping the rod it is thrown in the water.

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Initially, the lure floats on the water surface and will slowly start sinking into the water and later it floats underwater, and gives a look like a food for the fish. An advantage of using the artificial lure is the reduction of bait. This gives a solution to the marine environment's problems. Fishing lures are often made of plastic, metal, wood, cork, rubber, and materials like animal hair, feathers, tinsel, string, and others.

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