Canoeing is an activity that involves physical work like paddling a canoe; canoes have a single blade paddle. Canoeing involves a lot of physical work, although only the upper part of the human body is mainly used to stroke the canoe. Mainly canoeing comes under leisure activities like canoe camping, or sometimes where it requires and used for transportation. But most of the present day canoeing is done as a part of a leisure activity, or as a part of a sport or as a recreational activity. The canoe is a narrow vessel which is light in weight, having both the ends pointed, consisting of one or more seats to seat people to propel the canoe. Canoes are used by the people all over the world for transportation. Just like Canoes, Kayaks are used to move across the water.

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Kayaking can be distinguished from Canoeing by the position of the paddler's sitting position and the number of blades that present in the paddle. Activities that involve kayaks are diving, fishing, and ecotourism. Also, kayaks can be used for freestyle. Besides transportation, canoes and kayaks are used widely as camping, touring, freestyle, general recreation, pleasure racing and also for transportation purposes.

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