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The fishery is an entity engaged in harvesting or raising fish which is done by some fishery authority. The Fishery is a term which is to define in terms of the ‘types or species of fish, a method of fishing, people involved, seabed or the area of water, class of boats". The definition sometimes includes a combination of fishers and fish in a particular region.

Fisheries may involve in capturing of wild fish or raising fish through aquaculture or fish farming. Over 500 million people who are living in the developing countries depend on aquaculture and fisheries, directly or indirectly. Fisheries are harvested for commercial, subsistence or recreational value; they can be wild, farmed, freshwater or saltwater. Globally around 90 percent of the fishery catches come from seas and oceans, as contrary to inland waters. Since the mid-nineties, these catches from marine have remained relatively stable (between 80 to 86 million tons).

Most of the marine fisheries are located and based near to the coast. This is not only because the fishes are more abundant near the coastal shelf and it is very easy to harvest fishes in shallow waters while comparing to the open ocean. However wild fisheries are productive, are also located in open oceans, especially in the seamounts, and also in inland lakes and rivers.

Nowadays, farmed fisheries are catching up to wild fisheries, but wild fisheries hold the majority globally. Farm fisheries can be done in the inland tanks, lakes, and ponds and other enclosures, but also can occur in coastal areas. There are some fisheries present worldwide for special species like echinoderms, finfish, crustaceans, and to an extension, aquatic plants like kelp. But very few number of fish species support the world's majority fisheries.

Few of the species are anchovy, herring, tuna, cod, mullet, salmon, flounder, shrimp, lobster, scallops, crabs, and oyster. All these fish species sums over a million tons in 1999, with sardines and herring alone, provided a harvest of more than 22 million metric tons in 1999. Many other fish species are present and harvested in lesser number

Since ages fishing has been an excellent outdoor activity. It is a great hobby that can be enjoyed with friends and family. There is no any age limit to enjoy this fishing activity. The fishing process is a simple one and it takes some time to learn and practice. There are several types of fishing such as freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and fly fishing etc.

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Freshwater Fishing

This type of fishing is done in the fresh water with the minimal salt content or without any salt content. There are different types of fishing along with the various species of fishes. In each and every state across the country there are freshwater lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams, and rivers etc. This gigantic fishing is a one most suitable for the beginners since it can be enjoyed from the shore side. In the freshwater fishing, there are many types such as the largemouth bass, an entire family with a basic rod. The common freshwater species include bass, tout, certain species of salmon, crappie, and catfish etc. It can be done in the several ways from the river streams, lakes and ponds etc. There is a list of techniques available and it totally depends on the fishing.

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Fishing Methods and Techniques

Generally, the fishermen use different techniques in order to land their catch. The first method is by using the seines. They are nothing but the long nets which herd the fish when it is towed. The entire process is a simple one where it is suspended vertically in the water along with particular weight and at the same time, they have a bag especially for catching the fish. The next one is Bottom Trawls which are cone-shaped nets and they are pulled along the sea floor with the aid of boats in order to catch the cod, halibut, lobster, and shrimp etc. The major problem is the pervasive problem where it can damage the sensitive seafloor habitat.

Dredges are the one which is metal framed baskets and this one is mentioned to collect the clams, cockles, mussels and sea cucumbers etc. On the other side of the flip, the mechanized dredges are used to dig out the mussels that have been buried deep in the seabed. Gillnets which is also known to be the drifting netting. This type of net will be invisible to the fish, cod, perch, sardines etc. There are different types of configurations of the floats and weights. These types of nets can accidentally catch the sea turtles, marine mammals including the sharks.

Saltwater Fishing

The saltwater fishing can be either simple or complex one. The folks who are new to this type of fishing can start this type of fishing from the beach side. It can be done successfully with the help of basic tackle including the saltwater rigs. Fly fishing is a one and it is considered to be the sports activity which can be enjoyed in the mountain streams. This type of fishing uses the techniques which are more challenging one and they vary from one place to another which totally depends on the habitat. The real fact is that it involves a lightweight fly instead of using a heavier lure or a natural bait one.

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About Cocoa Beach Fishing

Cocoa Beach Fishing is a fishing company located in the City of Cocoa Beach, in the state of Florida. Our company specializes in fish products processing. We are pioneer and professional in this industry and known for our quality and services. We fish on the Cocoa Beach area and trade to various customers, like as retail and wholesale. Cocoa Beach has been trading fishes with unmatched expertise in the fine products. We use a variety of methods of fishing, like hooking and using large nets. One can expect that our fishes are rich in protein and also in taste.

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